Weekend In The Lou

Two weekends ago I headed up to St. Louis because my little brother was graduating from high school. It seems like just yesterday I was pulling him around the house in a plastic tub and dressing him up like a Spice Girl. He’s put up with a lot from his older sister, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He’ll be going to college in Austin, so I hope he won’t mind my weekend road trips to visit!

Even though I spent the first 18 years of my life in St. Louis, spending the weekend there was fun because I’m not a local anymore, so I saw the city with a fresher pair of eyes. One of the most underrated types of vacation is a “staycation.” It’s amazing – the discoveries you can make – when you play tourist in your own city. While home, I ate lobster beignets, had dinner in a 100 year-old barn, and even made a terrarium! Check out the artful experiences I had!

Thanks for reading!


The graduate… soon to be a Longhorn!

If you’re ever in the St. Louis area and want a truly unforgettable experience, you HAVE to check out Cleverach Farm. When I say this was a farm-to-table dining experience, I mean that literally. Dinner is served in a 100 year-old barn that has been completely restored by a couple who run the entire operation. The sun sets, and you dine while looking over the gardens/fields that supplied your food. Seriously… check out their website if you’re at all interested in local farming and the slow food movement. It was amazing how fresh everything was, and every single thing on my plate was delicious.


We literally had to drive across a rickety bridge to get there, but this is what we pulled up to… beautiful right?


Hors d’oeuvres included hot flatbreads out of the oven, deviled eggs, and the most amazing greens, asparagus, and radishes



The barn seats about 75 guests among 3 long tables. Because you’re seated right next to people you don’t know, it promotes a community atmosphere.


I spent Sunday exploring downtown, which was so much fun. Places to check out include Green Shag Market, 3 Flags Tavern, Flowers & Weeds, The Mud House, World’s Fair Donuts, and Olio


Lobster “Beignets” at 3 Flags Tavern… do I really need to say any more about this?

DSCN1212 (1)

World’s Fair Donuts has been open for more than 30 years, so I think it’s safe to say the doughnuts are good. They’re so old school they don’t even have a website!


Yard statues at Gringo Jones Imports on Vandeventer Ave.


Olio is located a renovated 1930’s oil filling station. It’s so cute, plus I’m required to love it because its exterior is rocking one of my favorite color palettes – red, white, and blue


Flowers and Weeds might be the coolest shop I’ve ever been in… it’s tucked in a really old building – I mean the floors actually creak! It looks like a furniture store was abandoned, and then an entire garden overran the place. Plants are coming out of all the drawers and cabinets. You can choose from tons of glass containers, jars, even science beakers and build your own terrarium.




If you don’t stop into The Mud House on Cherokee Street for one of their lavender lattes, you at least need to go inside the bathroom which is covered in vintage board games from floor to ceiling.

DSCN1252 (1)

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