Restaurant Review: AVO

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One of my favorite things to do in Nashville (or really any city for that matter) is try new restaurants… So when I met my friend Caitlin at AVO last night, I was trying new things in more ways than one. Not only is AVO brand new to Nashville, but it is Nashville’s first restaurant with an entirely plant-based menu. Now I’m not a vegan (carbs give me life) but it felt refreshing to know that not a single thing in my meal would be processed and that my food would give my body the healthy nutrients and energy it needs.

AVO is located in the new OneC1TY development off of Charlotte Ave. The entire complex is made out of shipping containers, which provides a unique atmosphere. OneC1TY will eventually be an entire urban community centered around sustainable living. (Read more about it HERE on their website.) AVO has a really open feel, with garage doors that open out onto patio seating and 2 sand volleyball courts. The interior is very stylish without being overly trendy, and I loved the living plant wall that dominates the bar area.

Speaking of bar area, one of the most popular things on the menu is their avocado margarita (which Caitlin got) that has avocado, resposado, cilantro, fresh lime, agave and house-made orange dust. For entrees, I opted for the lasagna while Caitlin ordered the pizza. Though the lasagna had zucchini in place of meat and cashew hempseed ricotta instead of mozzarella, the basil pesto and sundried tomato sauce gave it so much flavor I was happily (and thankfully!) surprised. I had to find out what vegan cheesecake would be like, so I ordered their Snickers one, which was more like a bar than actual cheesecake but still very tasty.

All in all, I was happy and full by the time dinner was over. I can’t say that I plan on giving up cheese, butter, or bread any time soon, but AVO is a refreshing addition to Nashville, and I can’t wait to go back!


Even the outside is cute! (photo from Yelp)


General view of the atmosphere (photo from Nashville Guru)


Living plant wall in the bar area (photo from Nashville Guru)


The lasagna and pizza – both are served with side salads – SO. MUCH. COLOR. ON. THE. PLATE


I was showing Caitlin my new MPOW clip-on lenses for the iPhone I got off of Amazon. THEY ARE AWESOME – we were playing with the fish-eye lens (Can we talk about my out of control cheesy smile?? Way too much chin… okay moving on Haley)

One thought on “Restaurant Review: AVO

  1. How cute is the outside?!?! And the pic of your food looked like a magazine photo! We’ll have to go there next time I’m in Nashville. Here’s to artful living…Mom

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